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For security reasons, we keep all coins in bank vaults and maintain no over-the-counter facilities.  The safest way to get your coins appraised is to send them by insured or registered mail.  Even the Hope Diamond was sent to museums by registered mail, and it was never loss or misplaced as everyone who touches it has to sign for it and account for it, or the post office has to pay full value. 


If selling, simply ship insured with prices wanted.  We pay 85% for items that were previously bought from us provided the items remain in our original, untampered,  see-through quality holders.  We buy at 75% of our listed prices for items NOT previously bought from us. All buy back and purchases are contingent upon availibility and need. Please do not call to ask the value of items that you have for sale, as it is impossible to ascertain without you shipping to us first for our examination.   We buy just about anything and everything collectible and conclude all of our purchases within 2 to 3 business days after receiving your package, to our mutual satisfaction.  Over graded or over priced items will be returned within 2 to 3 business days as well.


As long-time professional coin and stamp dealers, we give Signed and Certified Written Appraisals for a small fee of 1% of the value of the item sent to us, be it coins or stamps.     Estimate the value of each item sent, and include a check for 1% of their estimated value.  Due to the time and labor involved in grading, researching and preparing your appraisal certificates, the minimum charge per coin, stamp, piece of currency, autograph, or sports item is at least $3 each.   For example, an item with an appraised value will have a fee of $3, even though 1% of $100 is $1.  An item appraised at $350 would have a fee charge of $3.50, an item appraised at $500 would have a $5 fee charged, and so forth.   We will refund or bill you the fee difference should there be any difference in our appraisal amount and your check based on your estimated value that you send to us with your enclosed items. 

Please do not e-mail us asking about the value of your coins.  We cannot give an estimate of value of any coins without looking at them. If you wish to sell a coin or have it appraised, ship it to Collectors Internet, 7510 Sunset Blvd., #183, Los Angeles, CA  90046. There is an appraisal fee of $5 per coin, and the appraisal is free if you decide to sell the coin to us. Regards, Jim Sears, www.collectorsinternet.com 




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Please allow five business days for a response, as we frequently attend most major coin shows throughout the nation.
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All Merchandise is Kept in Bank Vaults.

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