To speed up your order, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below prior to contacting us.

We receive hundreds of e-mails everyday, and unnecessary correspondence will only slow down delivery. Don't see what you want?
We buy and sell more than $7 million per year in coins and other collectibles, so please email us your wnat list at collectorsorders@gmail.com and we'll be happy to quote our best price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read thoroughly to find the answers to common questions.

1.)   Where and how do I pay?

Our preferred method of payment is by personal checks and money orders made payable to:
CollectorsInternet, 7510 Sunset Blvd., #183, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


Now accepting credit card
payments through

Please use our Online Order Form if you wish to pay by credit card. For questions about privacy, please view our Privacy Statement.


Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10am to 6pm, Pacific Time. For security reasons, we do not sell over the counter and all coins are kept in bank vaults.


2.)  What information do I need to write down for you to process my auction or order?

Customers must write down the date, mint, price and grade of each item individually. If these five items are not provided, processing of your order will be delayed. We do not inventory items by number.  We must have your your full name, address, and e-mail address to process your order.  You may use our Online Order Form, or Regular Mail Order Form


3.)  Do you accept phone orders and inquires?

To minimize mistakes caused by human error, we do not take orders by phone.  All coins are kept in bank vaults and orders must be submitted in writing either on our secure servers at www.collectorsinternet.com, via e-mail OR by regular mail. You may use our Online Order Form, or Regular Mail Order Form This protects both the buyer and seller from any possible errors or misunderstandings.  Please use the form below to contact us. 


4.)  How fast will I get my order?

The coin market appears to be booming and we are currently receiving approximately 500 orders and inquires per day.  Please allow three to four weeks if paying by personal check or business check.  Please allow one to three weeks if paying by other means. All shipments are processed in the order received.  We understand that some dealers may be able to ship items faster, however, few dealers have been able to match both our huge selection and low prices when quality is taken into account.  Please do not write to confirm receipt of payment until at least two weeks have passed.  If there should be a problem in the meantime, we will contact you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


5.)  Why do you charge $9.00 for postage and handling?

This helps defray huge overhead costs in postage, insurance, packaging material and labor, and helps to keep our prices low. We realize that some dealers may charge less for postage and handling, but many are now charging from $15 to $20.


6.)  What is your return policy?

All of our items have a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and a two week return privilege, provided that the items remain in our original see-through holders and the staple or other seals have not been removed.  Items are packaged in such a way that customers can safely view them on all sides.  Please return all items in the same way we sent them, by first class insured mail. You may return items for a refund, exchange or credit, your choice.  Please let us know which you prefer in writing, and please allow three weeks for full processing of returned items.


7.)  Do you allow coins to be submitted to Grading Services?

Sending them to the grading services is fine with us, and we will refund the amount of the coin if our grade does not meet theirs, but not the cost of the service. This is provided that we send them in ourselves, with the buyer paying the fees.   We rarely send our coins to grading services as we find it's just not worth the extra cost. We find that most of our customers are able to use their own good judgment to determine quality and value, and our return rate has always been below 1%.  Also, we find that more and more dealers are losing faith in the grading services and will often pay more for raw coins than slabbed coins, because some slabbed coins can be very ugly even in higher grades.  We know of more than one dealer who sent in some nicely toned Silver Dollars and Franklin Halves and several came back slabbed AND dipped!  We never clean our coins, and any clean coins that we buy and sell will be described as such.


8.) Can I make offers on coins not won on your auctions or on your site?

Yes, you can.   We are always open to reasonable negotiation.  If you are outbid on eBay, we always have a large selection of properly graded, reasonably priced coins available at www.collectorsinternet.com.


9.) Can you e-mail me scans of your coins?

We can email scans only if the value is $5,000 or more, but we recommend that you always view the coins in person, using our 14 day return privilege.    Scans, no matter how good, can never fully recreate the actual three-dimensional qualities of a coin.  Also, due to time constraints, it would be impossible to scan each and every coin that comes in and out of inventory each day.  Regarding our own experience with scanned photos on eBay and other auction sites, we have had to return too many over-graded but "well-scanned" coins, and have heard too many similar horror stories from our customers.  The simple fact is that a scan can never capture accurately the three-dimensional qualities of a coins strike, luster and toning.  If this weren't bad enough, many sellers tend to manipulate the luster, toning, and even the sharpness of a coin through their scanning programs.  We both lose if we overgrade a coin, and that's the last thing we want. Long before the advent of "photo scans" we bought and sold coins the good old fashioned way: properly graded with a full 14 day, no-questions-asked return privilege.  Today, this time-tested tradition continues.  Our satisfaction rate has remained over 99% since 1979.  We want you to be happy, tell your friends, and make them happy too.  This is how we have built our business of more than 65,000 satisfied customers worldwide over the past 28 years, and we hope to add you to our growing number of repeat customers.

Thank you again for your business,

Jim Sears,
Vice President

7510 Sunset Blvd., #183
Los Angeles, CA   90046