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Ordering is as simple as one, two, three:

1.) Simply write down the items you want on any stationary along with grades and prices, or use our Online Order Form
You may also print out the pages which you are ordering from and circle or highlight the specific items ordered.

2.) Total your order and add postage & insurance fees. For California resident, please add 8.75% sales tax on order under $1,500

Please refer to the chart below for domestic shipping cost.

All shipments are professionally packaged and shipped fully insured via USPS.

Purchase Value Shipping Cost (Insurance included)
Up to $100 - $9
$101 to $500 - $12
$501 to $1,000 - $14
$1,001 to $2000 - $19
$2,001 to $3000 - $24
$3,001 to $5,000 - $29
$5,001 to $10,000 - $35
$10,001 to $15,000 - $49
Over $15,000 - $75

Overseas postage/insurance outside of the U.S. is $19 above our base fees above plus 1% for every $100. By way of example, an order for $1,000 would be $14+$19+$10 = $43.

As always, all items carry a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and grading is guaranteed with a 15 day return privilege.

3.) Send check or money order payable to:  CollectorsInternet, 7510 Sunset Blvd., #183, L.A., CA 90046

All Customer who pay by bank wire can take an immideiate 5% discount of all non-gold coins. You may call your bank or go to your online banking account. This can mean that your orderis delivered much faster because payment is cleared much faster.

Security International
10 Digit Bank Account #: 03248-42362
Bank Routing Number: 121000358
Bank Address: Bank of America Sunset-Ogden Branch
7800 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA
Bank of America Phone (Only necessary for your bank, and if there are any issues) - (323)730-9140

We are now accepting Major Credit Cards through Venmo, Cash App, Zelle. For more information regarding mobile money transfers contact us by clicking on this link: CONTACT US 

*Please allow 10 business days for personal checks to clear, or about 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.  All money order shipments are processed in the order received.  Please allow at least one to three weeks for delivery.  U.S. Postal Regulations allow for up to six weeks for delivery, but we often get shipments out in about half that time.  We have customers in all fifty states and dozens of countries worldwide. Overseas postage/insurance outside of the U.S. is $24 above our base fee of $9, plus 1% for every $100. By way of example, an order for $1,000 would be $24+$11+$10 = $44.

**Please note: Bullion-related gold and silver coins that sell for less than double their melt value are subject to change without notice.  When ordering coins that are close to bullion melt values, please email us to confirm current pricing, as silver prices in particular have been increasing almost every week for the past five years. Prices are subject to change without notice as some coins go up almost daily or weekly. If you think a price appear unusually low, please confirm prices via email prior to commitment. There is a 10% restocking fees for returns of bullion related coins. Contact us by clicking on this link:

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Since 1979, when we started out as Hobby Investments, we have shipped millions of dollars in coins nationally and overseas.  As of 2008, we have nearly 70,000 satisfied customers nationwide, with a satisfaction rate of over 99%, 100% positive eBay feedback and most of our customers are either repeat customers or other dealers.   We have been online as CollectorsInternet since the 1990s, longer than 99% of all rare coin dealers. 

Due to identity theft involving millions of credit card holders and the rash of lawsuits against PayPal, we no longer accept electronic payments through PayPal.  However, you now have the option of using Google Checkout to pay for your order online.

All coins are kept in bank vaults and orders must be in writing (email or regular mail). This protects both the buyer and seller from any possible errors or misunderstandings.

Minimum amount per order:  $50


All items advertised may be placed on free lay-away with no interest. Simply send from 1/10th to 1/3rd down and pay off the balance within 3 to 9 months after the initial invoice in any installment amounts that fit your budget.  Updated invoices will be sent after each payment.   Lay-away orders are sold as-is. Unpaid lay-aways are returned to inventory and any balance paid or any deposit paid is forfeited, if repeated invoice reminders are not paid. canceled lay-aways can have a negative impact on your credit rating, as these are reported to our National Collection Agency. There is a 5% cancellation fee on all canceled lay-aways and all down payments are forfeited.  Lay-aways are not permitted for bullion-related coins that sell for less than double their melt value.

All coins come with a full 15 day return privilege and a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.   We use the highest quality, sealed see-through holders so that all coins can be examined at your leisure.  Removing any type of seal, such as a staple, from our see-through holders voids the return privilege.  This protects both buyer and seller, as over the years, many dealers have been the victims of collectors who "switch" coins and return inferior replacements.

All coins are sent via registered or insured mail and will require a signature from you or your representatives. Your package is carefully wrapped in a way as to not suggest what is inside. If the delivery person attempts to deliver when you or your representatives are not available,  he or she will leave a notice. You can sign for the package at the post office.


Most items are kept in secured, climate-controlled bank vaults.  Therefore, please do not call for descriptions as all items are not in front of our phone bank for viewing.  To order, simply use your pen and any stationary, write down the items wanted along with the any description that applies, such as type, date, mintmarks, grades, quantities and prices. Or using our Online Order Form.




  • Sit back and relax. Since 1979, when we started out as Hobby Investments, we have shipped millions of dollars in coins nationally and overseas. To date, not one customer has reported that they lost any money by ordering coins through us. We always guarantee your complete satisfaction with our no-questions-asked 14 day return privilege.




Questions? Need Help?  Please send inquiries in writing to:


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