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          Both silver and gold have more than tripled in the past six years, and along with the 300%+ increases, almost all coin prices have kept pace and exceeded bullion prices in most cases, including even low grade copper and nickel coins! Since 1979, we have sold over $30 million worth of rare coins. All totaled in today's prices, these coins are now worth nearly $100 million!! Thanks to our loyal customers, last year we have once again sold well over a million dollars worth of rare coins. This included several nearly complete sets of Morgan Dollars, a dozen complete BU sets of the ever-popular Peace Dollars. About a hundred sets of Walking Liberty and Franklin Halves, over a hundred early date $20 gold coins, hundreds of the ever-popular BU Carson City Morgan Dollars, several 1889-CC and 1893-S Silver Dollars in higher grades, thousands of our wholesale lots, grab bags and "care packages", with many repeat orders from dealers and investors alike, and probably over a hundred each of the rare and ever-popular 1921, 1928 and 1934-S Peace Silver Dollars. Additionally, we've sold thousands of beautiful BU Red and Brown early date Lincoln Cents. Surely, the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Cent in 2009 is fueling the demand for earlier date cents and other early 1900s coins! We are currently buying over $100,000 worth of rare coins per month just to keep up with the growing demand. We thank all of you for your support, and hope this year brings you much happiness, peace and prosperity.

Founded as Hobby Investments in 1979, CollectorsInternet has grown into one of the largest and oldest brokers of quality collectibles, offering the most complete selections of rare coins on the market.  Being in the heart of Los Angeles gives us the advantage of being in the world's largest market for rare coins and stamps.  We can supply your needs in all areas of collecting, be it an item worth less than a dollar, or a multi-million dollar collection, all of our customers are treated with the same courtesy and respect.  

Our buying power and access to over $50 million in inventory means that CollectorsInternet can specialize in quality coins and stamps at true wholesale prices.



All items carry a 14 day return privilege, after you receive them, and a written lifetime guarantee to grade and authenticity.


All items offered by us are ABOVE average for the grades.  This means that there are neither unsightly damage nor distracting problems, outside of perhaps a few of the usual average circulation marks that professionals might expect to see typically on the grades and years offered.  In over 30 years of experience, we have found NO coins or stamps that are absolutely perfect by our strict grading standards-even ones graded as perfect by PCGS and other grading services.  All coins and stamps have slight imperfections under high magnification as they are handled by imperfect humans and manufacturing machines.  Such slight imperfections are not usually noticeable to the unaided eye or by untrained collectors.  Thus, such tiny and slight imperfections neither lower the value nor the eye-appeal of the items offered.


We do carry other items that are AVERAGE for the grades listed, at 30% off all of the prices listed here.  These have slight to moderate problems such as light porosity (slight pitting), rim bumps, tiny nicks or spots that can be removed, etc., that are normally found on older coins.  The only exception is gold coins and bullion-priced silver coins.  Almost all of our gold coins are exceptionally nice and problem-free unless otherwise noted.  Lower grade silver coins are usually worth about the same, whether slightly damaged or not.  If you want to order such less-than-perfect copper, nickel, and non-bullion silver coins as well as stamps, just state AVERAGE for the grade you want, and deduct 30% off.  We buy such average coins at 60% of the prices listed throughout our site and catalogs.  Major problem coins would have to be examined and we would be happy to make an offer, or send them along with your own offer.