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Unsearched Wheat Cent Bags

5,000 Coins Per Bag.


    In our experience and the experience of some of our customers, the so-called "unsearched" bags on eBay are usually thoroughly searched. That's why many of our dealer-customers keep sending repeat orders to us for these. We don't guarantee this in every bag, but another coin dealership just ordered two bags from us and found several 1922-D issues and they were able to put together a whole roll off 1910-S and 1913-S. We buy most of ours from the Phoenix and San Francisco area, both areas high in D and S mints.
    We have bought and sold thousands of wheat cent bags over the years, and since we don't have time nor the expense to pay extra staff, we never search them. Our bags are guaranteed unsearched by us, but we make random samples to guarantee that you will get coins in the teens, 20s and 30s and even steel cents.

    $495 per bag. 5 Bags @ $450 each. 10 Bags @ $425 each. 20 or more bags @ $395 each. These weigh about 35 pounds as there are 5,000 coins per bag, but extra postage/insurance is only $28 per bag.




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All Merchandise is Kept in Bank Vaults.

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